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[Vienna, Austria] VanDammage|4.1 - Knock Off (19. July 2012
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PSN ID: nozarex
Zagram w: Vienna
Dołączył: 13 Paź 2011
Wysłany: 16-04-2012, 23:58   [Vienna, Austria] VanDammage|4.1 - Knock Off (19. July 2012

Hello good Sirs!

Like everytime we start a new Season we would like invite you guys to join us too

Tournament Games will be: SFXT (2on2), UMVC3 (1on1), SFIII (5on5), SSFIV:AE (1on1), GGXXAV (1on1), BBCSEX (1on1)

The entry for all 4 days will be 10€ and there will be a pot for SSFIV:AE of 5€ for every player, of course the pot will be distributed to the first 3 players in the Tournament. MadCatz, ArcSys and Capcom are contributing some prices like in Tournaments we held before, (Regular Prices like Sticks, Headsets, Games, Shirts, Posters etc.).

PreeliminationMatches will be held on Friday, and the Finals (Top6) will be on Saturday.
After all the Finals there will be a 5on5 3s Tournament.

The Tournament will be streamed, with commentary etc. so everyone who stays at home can follow live.

For further Information like TimeSchedule sleeping berths or anything else check:

or feel free to ask in this thread.

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