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Nowe szczegóły z pełnej wersji Mortal Kombat 9

Data: 04.04.2011 |
przez: Chris

Jeden z redaktorów rosyjskiego magazynu GameLand przetestował mającego swoją premierę w tym miesiącu nowego Mortala.
Jego wrażenia i listę zaobserwowanych faktów można przeczytać poniżej i obejmują one m. in. takie informacje jak długość story mode, alternatywne kostiumy, rodzaje koins’ów, muzyka z MKI/II, wspólne wszystkim postaciom ciosy, rzut oka na Smoke’a , Subzero, Kintaro, Sindel i wiele innych.

Sub-Zero has new properties for his charge move. If this move connects succesfully, then Sub-Zero freezes his opponent and push him away a bit. Also he can do his X-Ray on the frozen opponent.

– Smoke’s alt is his Lin Kuei uniform. But it doesn’t look like retro ninja outfit.
His moves are full of special smoke effects. He throws smoke bomb under the enemy (it works like Noob’s hole), he can perform teleport punch as Scorpion. X-ray seemingly connected with his teleport somehow. Possibly he can perform it only after teleport. Also he can evade projectiles with some specail effects.

– there is only one kind of koins. But prices in the Krypt are very high.

– Sheeva is the tallest kombatant in the game. But she is quite plain and feels “MK3′ish”. Just like Sonya.

– it seems all characters have uppercut and sweep moves.

– each chapter in the story mode consists out of five-six battles.

– damage system doesn’t work in the story mode. Damage on the characters appear only when it’s story relevant.

– Characters change their costumes depending on the plot.

– Approximately story mode takes 6-7 hours to complete.

– Kintaro fights just like in the MK2. He has very evil X-Ray and it’s hard to evade his teleport.

– editor likes characters voices in the story mode. Especially Sindel one.

– Normal difficulty is harder, then difficulty in the demo.

– Cyber Sub-Zero plays like combination of Sub-Zero, Cyrax and trick-kicks.

– hairs are not ideal in the game. But most likely looks better, than before.

– Jade’s intro: she throws razorang to the right and then catches it, when it comes from the left. Then she says something like: “It will be easy!”

– Jade’s wining pose: she whirls around pole and sits on the gorund.

– Scorpion’s fire kick is part of the combo like before.

– Mileena’s Flesh Pit costume: she not naked!! She wears some sorts of bands like Leelu form Fifth Element (look at the leaked Flesh Pit concept in the nearest tube you will see it).

– Sindel has her hair throws.

– Shao Kahn’s second Fatality is disgusting.

– Tormentor somewhat parodies Godzilla (?)

– Scarlet and Kitana in her alternate could be seen in the chains on Kahn’s Colliseum.

– Characters apparently have different winposes in the Challenge Tower.

– All characters are open by default, except for CSZ and Quan Chi.

– Sheeva has low throw. And skin rip Fatality.

– Only Fatality accesible in the training mode.

– Kratos – the shortest and the smallest character in the game.

Prawdopodobne informacje:

– Sheeva is heavy and her combos not very useful.

– Her second costume: she has braid and black face paint. Also her winning pose is sexy.

– Sheeva is a grappler. She has air throw like Jax, distance throw like Millena and she can grab ducking opponent. In her second Fatality she claps herself with opponent’s riped arms.

– Sindel use hairs in combos and in X-ray. She has low and high projectiles. In the air she can throw projectiles close and far Also she can fly, but like in the MK3, you can only shoot projectiles while doing it.

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