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Welcome to Customize-Arena! The first Tekken 3 Online customize centre with Tekken 3 costumes and stage modifications for you to download.
Here, you will find a variety of add-ons to diversfy your both online and offline experience. In the software section you will find tools required to install patches changing your character's looks. Additionally in the gallery and video sections you can preview some of the modifications and assess whether you like them or not.
Make sure you have familiarised yourself with new guides on how to properly install the patches to avoid any mistakes.

If you are the author of mods yourself and you would like to share them, please visit this topic.
Past few months of work have resulted in implementation of useful innovations on the site. Besides cosmetic changes, which are not difficult to see, we introduce a couple expected and certainly useful features. First of all, for those who want to be the first to know, we've created a new column entitled "Last Added" in the side menu. In this place there will always be displayed 5 newest customize files added on the site. As a consequence of that, there is an option to sort files by date in Customize files section.

On the list of fixes and changes, there are also improvements of Gallery and Video sections.

From today you can read about these and next updates on the Honmaru profile on Facebook, and assure that there will be something nice to read in the future. ;)
We encourage you to follow us and to click like button on our profile!
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