Tekken 3 Online Tournament - Rules

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Tekken 3 Online Tournament - Rules

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1. The tournament is carried on in cup system. In the week you should play a precised number of matches like in the agenda.
<s>2. In the agenda the host is written first.
3. The privilages and functions of the host:
- priority of creating the game at a chosen server
- options configuration( 3 rounds in battle, time of one round 60 sec; you also have to make a possibility to ascribe keys in the joypad for both of the players by entering the "Key Configuration", the readiness by the second players is when he puts the cursor on sign "Exit")
- writing the score on the forum(directly when the game ends)
- duty to make a appointment about the appellation of the match (by MSN, mail, ICQ or others)</s>
4. Signings can only be done by the registered players on the forum. It's like this, because we want to avoid setting up for other players and generally cheating about the scores etc.
5. Scoring system: 3pts. win, 1-draw, 0-lost
6. For breaking the rules you will have to pay the consequences, such as minus points, admit lost battle as walking-over the game, warning on the forum and in some cases ban or throw out of the tournament.
7. In case if you didn't played a match in the right time, the points will go to your opponent, unless the host will explain the matter on forum.
8. When the points of two players in a group are equal, the results of all the matches will decide, that means the proportion wins-lost on the distance of whole group stage.

Rules involving the battle:

1. We are playing to 5 wins, 3 round battles, round time 60sec., energy 140%.
2. Before Duel players one player must send mesage on Gadu-Gadu, and other must reply it (identity confirmation). After duel winner must immediately write down result, and his oponent must confirm it.
3. If for some reason the battle would be disrupted, you have to finish it as fastest you can. The score of the battle is the same like after the brake, that means if you only played two battles and the third one was 1:1 in rounds then you must continue it.
4. If the laggs in the game are so hard that you cant play the match, then the players must decide before the match if they are gonna stop playing the game. The player who causing problems will be banned from competition.
5. In case if you lost synchronization you must immediately stop the game(ESC), and then adjust the terms of the battle continuing with the other player.
6. All cheating efforts (like escaping the game while playing, writing false scores) will be consequently punished.
7. While playing the battle it is restricted to use the start button, because it could stop your opponent action, take him away the initiative etc. Pressing pause button once is a warning and losing one round, twice is a game given away to your opponent, that means you lost 3pts. If the situtation repeats then such player will be thrown out of the tournament.
8. Gon is banned.

Administrator provides himself rights to change the rules without informing enybody.
Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation"
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