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Tekken 3 modding
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Dołączył: 12 Sty 2019
Wysłany: 12-01-2019, 19:37   Tekken 3 modding

Hello, I'm still playing Tekken 3 at this year, so I hope this community is still active :)

I also modded Tekken 3 in past, but I'm having two problems
1)Mods I made in the past work, but now I can't save the bitmap with the same "weight" of the originals, so if I do new textures with GIMP or so they mess everything up, I don't remember how I modded them in the past, any advice?

2)A problem I had also in the past, I changed all the colors of the second Xiaoyu outfit (the blue one), but the sleeves are still blue, I checked a lot of times and I'm sure I modded every blue texture I could find, so anyone know where to find or what number have her sleeves?

Thanks, hoping someone is still enjoying playing and messing with the good old Tekken 3 ;)
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