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Tekken 3 modding
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Dołączył: 12 Sty 2019
Wysłany: 12-01-2019, 19:37   Tekken 3 modding

Hello, I'm still playing Tekken 3 at this year, so I hope this community is still active :)

I also modded Tekken 3 in past, but I'm having two problems
1)Mods I made in the past work, but now I can't save the bitmap with the same "weight" of the originals, so if I do new textures with GIMP or so they mess everything up, I don't remember how I modded them in the past, any advice?

2)A problem I had also in the past, I changed all the colors of the second Xiaoyu outfit (the blue one), but the sleeves are still blue, I checked a lot of times and I'm sure I modded every blue texture I could find, so anyone know where to find or what number have her sleeves?

Thanks, hoping someone is still enjoying playing and messing with the good old Tekken 3 ;)

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Wysłany: 30-04-2020, 00:21   

I have the same problem. How to fix this problem

Tekken 3 Online (Türk)

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Dołączył: 12 Sty 2019
Wysłany: 07-06-2020, 17:13   

Hello, I found out what the problem was. The sleeves file actually reads the colors from "6739" file, so to change sleeves color you have to open this file with "Semi Trans Tool", and change the blue colors there.

Another problem I found, is that happens something similar with Xiaoyu red outfit, but this time part of the lighter red colors are used also for her lips too, so if I make it blue I automatically also put blue lipstick on her lol
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