Bon 400 zł na Allegro z kartą Citi Simplicity

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Grand Master

PSN ID: KomandosPL
GamerTag: KomanDooSan
Pomógł: 2 razy
Dołączył: 08 Gru 2006
Skąd: Amsterdam
Wysłany: 17-02-2009, 20:49   złodzieje w internecie

Ta chwila musiała nadejść, robię zakupy w internecie już od lat, zawsze płace kartą kredytowa i jeszcze i jeszcze nigdy nic złego mnie nie spotkało.... aż do niedawna :kwasny: Około dwa tygodnie temu zarejestrowałem się na stronie download provider skuszony torrentami których nie było nigdzie indziej i niską ceną rejestracji. Później okazało się, że ta stronka z torrentami to tylko przykrywka dla jednego wielkiego złodziejskiego procederu. Żeby naświetlić trochę sprawę, przytoczę wypowiedzi ludzi, którzy podobnie jak ja dali się oszukać tym złodziejom :

Website advertised it had the product I needed ... I tried to sign up ... I gave them the info for signing up.
After providing the info they needed ... I clicked the button for processing ... message came back saying process failed. I tried again a second time ... process failed again ... I gave up. On 1-21-09 my online Bank website shows this company Download Provider is processing the info I provided even though I was led to believe nothing took place ... so far they have taken from me ... On 1-13-09 ... $6.87 ... on 1-16-09 ... $9.82 ... and on 1-20-09 ... they charged me twice ... $39.73. I have contacted my bank ... Debit card is canceled ... and they are processing a fraud transaction against them.

I signed up for a 3 day trial and was told that my credit card would be charged $4.78 US and could be cancelled any time. I use many different torrent sites that are free but this one (supposedly) had a rare file that I could not find or even buy. I figured that it would be worth the few bucks and I would cancel right away. The site promised an email with all my user details etc., which was never sent. I was given a pop-up type of thing to give me access to the VIP member section and when I clicked on it I was directed to a PORNOGRAPHY site! So I clicked "Support" and fired off an email to cancel immediately. Of course, I did not get a response. I tried repeatedly, without success to get a response from them.
A few days later when I was doing some online banking I noticed a big increase in my Credit Card balance!! I had not used the card for anything at all except for the $4.78 trial. I called my CC company and asked if there were any new charges and what they were and I was told that I had two charges pending for $50.94 each!! When I asked who the vendor was I learned that it was and the toll free number attached to that "company" was 877-848-1830. I went to the website and low and behold it was a customer support site for PORN sites! When I tried to cancel my account for download provider it was not there; only porn sites were listed. I called the toll free number and among the many options were to talk to a customer service representative. The phone rang about 20 times and then a message came on stating the hours of operation (which is when I called) and then hung up on me. I tried again to no avail. It did tell me that I could find online support at which turned out to be another customer support site for porn. It gave a different toll free number. I called it and guess what? The same voice and the exact same menu.
I selected the option for account information and found out that I now had THREE accounts at three different porn sites!! This has been a nightmare and it still is not resolved. My CC company told me to fill out the forms on both of these support sites to cancel my membership, tell them that I never signed up at any of these, etc and see what their response would be and to call back on a certain day if I had not received an answer from them. Once I had done that, my CC company could then dispute the charges. I haven't called the toll free numbers today out of fear that I may now have additional accounts on even more porn sites.

There are so many complaints on numerous websites and forums about download provider it is mind boggling how they have been able to continue to operate!?? I do plan on contacting the R.C.M.P. and the F.B.I. to alert them to shut these thieves down.

I will also contact the media about them as well, for what it's worth.

If anyone has any further advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I also wanted to mention that there are a lot of other torrent sites that offer the same 3 day trial's at the same price and I would suspect that they are all linked.

I have been using my credit card online for years and have never had anything like this happen to me. From now on, I will only deal with vendors who accept PayPal.

I hope that this will prevent others from being victimized from these theives.

I wanted to download music and software legally. So I searched the internet and came across Here's my long and complicated story:

1) I searched the site for a rare song before joining. It showed that there were a few files on their site. The site was offering a three day trial for $4.87 US. I thought, okay, this is reasonable. So I joined. This leads me to problem two:

2) When I signed up for this site, I was automatically signed up for two other sites that I didn't agree to. Both sites charged the same amount. Site that I didn't even know were part of the deal. They lied...

3) I went in as a member...THEY DID NOT HAVE THE FILES THEY SAID THEY HAD!!! And some files had viruses! Not what you'd expect from a paying site...? And the files were no different than the ones you can find on Most files were trial based.

4) A month later, I was charged again, this time as a full time member. I HAD NEVER AGREED TO BECOME A FULL TIME MEMBER. There were no emails or notices stating that once you pass the 3 day trial, you are automatically a full time member. NONE. No where on the site did it say that you must cancel your account before the three days were up. And they provide NO way to cancel your account with them.

5) They do NOT respond to emails. I emailed them 4 times. Not a single response.

6) They BOMBARDED my email box with PORN. And I am not talking normal porn. I am talking the sick and twisted, make your stomach turn, wanna get an exorcist porn!

7) So they charged me again. I finally found out how to cancel the account. They've taken over $300 from me in a month!!!

I've cancelled my card. Apparently that is all I can do. I cancelled all three accounts...I will now have to close the email address I gave them. Does anyone know if they will leave you alone after you cancel your accounts? Or will they continue to send your personal information out?


me too! i signed up to download provider ( a big SCAM!) for a 3 day trial worth $4.73, n the next thing i knew i received an email saying i had subscribed to i checked my account balance yesterday and i saw they had withdrawn a total of $83 (2 separate $39.73 charges, 2 $1.19, and a couple of 15 cent withdrawals) (n i canceled my subscription IMMEDIATELY i received d email, meaning i was still under "free trial"). all efforts made to contact the customer service representatives of (the company that was listed on my bank statement) have proved futile- all i get is an automated voice machine n the crappy message "due to an usually high volume of calls today, we cannot take your call" or sth to that effect. i called jetty international, the customer service people that sent me d confirmation email, but they claim they know nothing about the charges. i'm hopeful though- i just talked to a customer service rep of my bank and filed a claim.

I stumbled across while looking for a particular video. I do IT for a living, and everything about this web site screamed "Too good to be true." I did some research and ended up here, my suspicions confirmed. A WHOIS search for the site's registrar turns up the following info:

Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: ok
Updated Date: 07-jan-2009
Creation Date: 12-sep-2008
Expiration Date: 12-sep-2010


Created: 2008-09-12 08:31:40
Expires: 2010-09-12 08:31:40
Last Modified: 2008-12-31 20:41:19

Registrant Contact:
Denis Ivashina
P.O. 221
Stockholm, , se 103 25
P: +46.86622480 F: +0.0

The info for the administrative and billing contacts is exactly the same, Mr. Denis Ivashina, of Stockholm. I'm glad I didn't fall for this rip-off, but if I had, I might be tempted to get in touch with Mr. Ivashina, particularly when the time difference would dictate it would be most annoying to him.

Ja miałem trochę więcej szczęścia (jeśli w ogóle można tu mówić o szczęściu) i z mojego konta wyparowało tylko ok 60$. Od razu zablokowałem kartę i zgłosiłem sprawę do banku, ale pieniędzy już raczej nie odzyskam. Także jeśli ktoś natknie się kiedyś na stronę lub podobny szajs to radze omijać z daleka.

PSN ID: subzeropl83
GamerTag: SubZeroPL
P2P Mode: Host & Client
Zagram w: Killer Instinct, WWF Wrestlemania, SuperSidekicks
Steam ID: SubZeroPL
Pomógł: 40 razy
Dołączył: 14 Kwi 2006
Skąd: Myslovitz
Wysłany: 17-02-2009, 21:02   

Też parę razy na nich trafiłem szukając różnych dziwnych rzeczy w necie i co ciekawe ta strona miała WSZYSTKO, czego bym nie szukał, co od razu wzbudziło moje podejrzenia. A gdy jeszcze kazali sobie zapłacić to już w ogóle ich skreśliłem (inna sprawa, że jako takiej karty kredytowej nie mam :P więc i tak nie miał bym jak zapłacić).

Karate Tradycyjne - Sho Dan
Grand Master

Zagram w: UMK3
Pomógł: 2 razy
Dołączył: 06 Paź 2008
Skąd: Z nienacka.
Wysłany: 17-02-2009, 21:07   

SubZero napisał/a:
ta strona miała WSZYSTKO, czego bym nie szukał, co od razu wzbudziło moje podejrzenia

to nie żart.

weszłem na ta strone, wpisałem w wyszukiwarke jakies: "bla bla bla", i zobaczcie co wyskoczyło:

co najmniej podejrzane...

Mame Tutorial | Umk3 combo faq
Kto gra w umk3 na p2p?
Grand Master

PSN ID: KomandosPL
GamerTag: KomanDooSan
Pomógł: 2 razy
Dołączył: 08 Gru 2006
Skąd: Amsterdam
Wysłany: 17-02-2009, 21:18   

SubZero napisał/a:
Też parę razy na nich trafiłem szukając różnych dziwnych rzeczy w necie i co ciekawe ta strona miała WSZYSTKO, czego bym nie szukał, co od razu wzbudziło moje podejrzenia. A gdy jeszcze kazali sobie zapłacić to już w ogóle ich skreśliłem (inna sprawa, że jako takiej karty kredytowej nie mam :P więc i tak nie miał bym jak zapłacić).

To jest tylko taka podpucha, prędkość rzeczywiście jest niezła ale maja tam tylko same stare torrenty, a to co w wyszukiwarce znajduje to bullshit. Dziwi mnie tylko, że jeszcze się tym nikt nie zajął, bo już pewnie tysiące ludzi tak naciągnęli i to nie na drobne sumy bo jeden kolo pisał, że mu ponad 300$ ukradli.
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