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Ping, delay, connection faQ
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Wysłany: 02-06-2009, 21:33   Ping, delay, connection faQ

If you want to decrease your ping you should:
-turn off all download managers, (p2p programs, etc)
-turn off internet explorer, firefox, opera, etc
-turn off all communicators (like windows messenger)
-and every program, what uses internet
-also you can turn off windows automatic update - it can increses ping (it reserves about 20% of your connection speed for updates)
-erase viruses,trojans, spyweres - for spyweres you can use for example programSpybot - Search & Destroy, or Ad-Aware
-turn off automatic update of antyvirus/firewall, etc - all automatic updates xd(you can make it only for time, when you are playing)

If you did everything from this, and your ping is still high - try to find other server's IP address with low ping. Refresh server list in kaillera client, or try to use in google:
kaillera server list
kaillera servers

If you want to play with your friend you cant try kaillera p2p client
You can buy better connection (but rather always you have high ping, when you connect to server in other country - that's like internet works :/ )

And if you want to play offline you can use “cancel” button in kaillera client.

aaa - and don't trust programs, what "Make your internet faster!" - usually it's crap.

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Hi there! I have 2MBps connection, did every thing recommended but still cannot connect to any server or IP. i waited 15 to 20 mins but still not connected. Any help?
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