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Miranda IM Configuration tutorial
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Miranda IM is an instant messenger client, which works with many different networks, one of them being Gadu-Gadu. If you can't install original Gadu-Gadu client or it doesn't work for you, you should try it.

Basic installation and configuration:
1. Download the newest version of Miranda from official website.
Go to: and select Download for Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
2. Run the downloaded file
3. Click 'I Agree'

4. Choose 'Normal Installation' -> click Next

5. If you want now you can change where to install -> click Next

6. On the next screen you can disable creation of shortcuts on Desktop or in Start Menu, then click Install

7. Click Finish. If you left 'Start Miranda IM' box checked, Miranda will start.

1. In the first window enter your name into Profile box, then click Create.

Now's the time to create some accounts:
1. In the window click green '+' sign ('New account').

2. From the drop-down list select 'GG'.

3. In the upper box enter your desired account name (for example 'GG') and click OK.

4. The same way you can add other protocol accounts, like MSN or ICQ.
5. Select newly created 'GG' account from the list on the left side.

6. Fill in the fields on the right side with your Gadu-Gadu number and password.
6a. If you don't have Gadu-Gadu number yet, click 'Create new account', then enter your chosen password (two times, into 'New password' and into 'Confirm password' boxes), and e-mail address, and click Create.

6b. Then write letters shown on the picture into white box and click OK.

6c. If the account was created successfully you'll see confirmation box.

7. After entering required information for created accounts click OK.
8. Then from Miranda main window click on selected protocol icon and change your status to 'Online'.

9. Congratulations, you're connected.

What's left is to add some contacts to your list:
1. From main window click Miranda logo and select 'Find/Add contacts...'.

2. From drop-down list select network (for example 'GG').

3. Enter Gadu-Gadu Number of the contact you want to add and click Add to list.

4. Click Add.
5. Then you can close the 'Find/Add contact' window or add more contacts to the list.
6. To send a message just double-click contact on the list and you can start chatting.

If you used other Gadu-Gadu client in the past you can try to import your contacts list from Gadu-Gadu server:
1. In the main window click on the Miranda logo and select GG->Import list from server.

When someone writes to you, blinking message icon will show up beside their name on the contact list and Miranda icon in the notification area near the clock on the Windows task bar will also change.
Click on the icon to open chat window.

That covers the basics. If you have questions, post them here and i'll try to help.

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