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Vienna: 19 - 22. January 2012 - VanDammage|3.1
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PSN ID: nozarex
Zagram w: Vienna
Dołączył: 13 Paź 2011
Wysłany: 13-10-2011, 16:40   Vienna: 19 - 22. January 2012 - VanDammage|3.1

Hi There!
I just wanted to let you know that from the 19.January to the 22.January there is a small Tournament overhere in Vienna

We will play SSFIV, BBCS, UMVC3 and 3s (but any other game is also possible in casual).

It will be held at the VirtualDojo Vienna, a club for Fightinggames that is almost every day in the year open (so if some of you guys comes sometimes to vienna for what reason ever feel free to visit us) as I said the tournament will go from the 19 to the 22 January where on Friday and Saturday the Tourneys will be held.
The entry for all 4 days will be 10€ and there will be a pot for the 2 most popular games of 5€ for every player, of course the pot will be distributed to the first 3 players in the Tournament. MadCatz and Capcom are contributing some prices like in Tournaments we held before, (Regular Prices like Sticks, Headsets, Games, Shirts, Posters etc.).

Sleeping berths:

First of all it is possible to sleep over at the location. In that case showering would be possible at the public swimming pool the "Badeschiff" which is about 5 minutes away from the VirtualDojo Vienna and also a very popular place among young people. But please mind that it will be Winter - so this option is kind of an Survival-Adventure.

Another cheep possibility would be the Wombats City Hostel in one of the most beautifull areas of Vienna the "Naschmarkt". The Hostel is also just a 10 minute ride away from the location with the U4 which has two Stations along the "Naschmarkt".

The VanDammage is the Viennese RankingBattle and is held every month once. On January we start our 3rd Season so that's the reason why we are inviting other ppl to join our little clash we have a "strong" player-base of 20+ players that are contending every VanDammage. So it will be held independent from how many players come over, so if just one ore two guys would like to come, you still can do so and visit the nice city Vienna and our Dojo

Poster: http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/630/vndmg31.jpg
FB-Event: http://www.facebook.com/e...179082185502793

Videos to get a better Picture what this is like:

This is a Video from the Location:

This are the Matchvids from the last season opener (MVC3, SSFIV, BBCSII)

3rd Strike(fortunately our best 3rd Strike Player Zaubermeister/Zaubi couldn't make it to the Tournament )

Sorry: For my english
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