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Guide - Kaillera P2P
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Kaillera P2P is a really good choice to play ''nearly lagless'' when ping, location and Internet speed is correct. In other words - Playable without any hard lags.

Now the Tekken3Online-Installer does not include Kaillera P2P. So you must install it manually.

_____________________________I. INSTALL GUIDE________________________________

1.1 Download Kaillera P2P

1.2 Extract it - You must see ''kailleraclient.dll''

1.3 You must copy ''kailleraclient.dll'' 2x
Copy one kailleraclient.dll in [your HDD/programs/ePSXe Folder] and one kailleraclient.dll in [your HDD/programs/ePSXe Folder/plugins]

1.4 Now on your Desktop:
START ePSXeCutor -> SELECT your ISO -> Then you see a Window like this



One Player must host, the other Player join the hosted Game.
Hosting a Game means - You must do Port Forwarding. You must be able to forward a port in your Router. There are 2 Options. And maybe you must also allow the Port in your Firewall. Important, for Tekken 3 Online it is the Port ''UDP 27886'' !!!

1. Option - Router
Here I cannot help you exactly because it depends on your Internet Provider/ your Router ( Name, Type...). You must login in your router and then you can see
''Port Forwarding''. I have to say it will just take 5min if you have the access/ able to login in your router ^^.

2. Option - Hamachi ( When Option 1 is too hard or impossible to do )
Here you will need ''Hamachi''. It works 100%, but without Hamachi - Kaillera P2P is a little bit better. So if you cannot host you will have to play with Hamachi.
Download and Install it. Create a room and ask an other Player to join. So everyone has an own ''HAMACHI IP ADDRESS''.


______1. Host a Game_____________
One Player will host the Game.
Open ePSXeCutor -> Click TK3Online -> Choose TK3Online Image -> Choose P2P

1.1 Write it down: 27886
1.2 Choose your nick
1.4 Choose TK3Online...
1.5 Click Host

Wait for the other Player.

_____________2. Join a Game_____________

The Player who host a game must send his IP Address to the other Player.
Click HERE to see your IP Address.

As I told you before with Hamachi everyone has an own ''custom'' IP ADRESS.

Open ePSXeCutor -> Click TK3Online -> Choose TK3Online Image -> Choose P2P
In '' Peer IP'' you paste the IP
Click '' Connect''

_____________3. Ready__Set__Play____________

After you have done everything correctly, both players will see this

(1) Then you can start the Game by clicking ''click here when ready''
(2) Record your Game ;)

Have Fun

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