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Is ping matters?
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Dołączył: 28 Gru 2011
Wysłany: 28-12-2011, 23:24   Is ping matters?

Sup everyone. Iam playing T3Online for a while. My ping is usauly 90-110 ms. When iam joining someone i feel like its some king of latency in the game. My moves are not smooth, sometimes i cant even have my time to strike. Seems like opponent moves faster and all strikes are in time. Is its really internet connection problem and ppl with lower ping will always have an advantage.

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Wysłany: 29-12-2011, 19:09   

Of course ping matters, it does for any online game. The lower ping is, the smaller delay is. Even if u have ping about 30-50ms on server it's far from being perfect. I'd recommend to try Kaillera P2P.

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