Arkadyzja 0.0.14 – latest flycast dojo added

Being Dreamcast fan – i had to do it :)

Flycast Dojo added!

Please consider supporting Flycast Dojo on Patreon. Flycast Dojo and other Blueminder projects are freely available for the community. Your donations help with servers cost and keeping lights on. He is the real hero here, im just a wingman.
  • latest 6.30 build
  • relay server selector (or direct connection)
  • full fightcade gamelist remapped as a start(msg @Action on discord if we’re missing any cool game)
  • backward compatible with frm/frmplus , just paste frm.exe along with your personal flycast jsons into ./arkadyzja/emulator folder


With this release – ArkadyzjaLauncher is your place to start, no more unzipping around :)

Other improvements:

  • fixed an issue with „double messages” after gettin kicked out from server and joining again
  • small backend optimizations

Special Thanks

  • Blueminder for HUGE support, changes to the DOJO and fast fixes
  • Biggs for fixing his fightcade api library so i could remap initial gamelist fast
  • Lofi for tips/source code reference material
  • Action/Krelian/Eku/Torao/SubZero and others who patiently tested everything i asked for :)

Download the latest Arkadyzja

Akira, Jin, Hayabusa