Arkadyzja – matchmaking frontend for DuckStation Netplay

Hi, im making a simple matchmaking frontend for DuckStation Netplay, named Arkadyzja. Currently in its early alpha stage but operational, so I’ve decided to share it and invite users to test it. 
This project is one I’m working on during my free time, and while progress is slow,
I’m having fun developing it. For now, it primarily serves as a proof of concept, with many features still to be added in the near future.

The aim for this app is to help you connect with friends (or strangers) for a quick round of your favorite PSX game, without scanning endless discord channels for someone to play.

Arkadyzja is inspired by Fightcade, Kaillera etc. and while it is not even close in features i hope you find it useful.

Please support OG Duckstation Netplay Creators who made it all possible, so they can improve and add features to Duckstation that enhance online play:

Current version of Arkadyzja, which at the time of writing is 0.0.6, lets you use Your own games to create sessions, join the existing open sessions from list and also join as spectator. I’ve also added global live chat. 

Arkadyzja client (built with Electron and Angular) is using a slightly modified version of latest DuckStation Netplay to allow communication between two apps. It’s also using host codes behind the scenes. I will push the emulator source as a fork soon so hopefully Jamie, Stenzek and others can help me improve it (im not emu/cpp dev by any means).

How to use Arkadyzja

  1. Download the latest Arkadyzja version and unpack it:
    Arkadyzja 0.0.7 – download
  2. Prepare your games
    Create a .chd backup of your legally obtained, favorite psx classic, put it in .\emu\roms folder using the naming convention: gameid.chd, example:
    • RootArkadyzjaFolder\
      • Arkadyzja.exe
      • \emu\roms\SLUS-00402.chd
  3. Launch Arkadyzja(version).exe, read the news feed, enter Your nickname and login. There is no registration yet (waste of time for alpha).
  4. Go to CreateSession Tab, You should see your game:
  1. Click on Setup emulator,  above your game list, it will launch Duckstation. Duckstation is running in portable mode to not mess with Your existing duckstation installation if you have any elsewhere ) . You should see your list of games.
  1. Now go to settings-> Controllers and set controller Port 1 to Digital and setup your buttons:

You can close emulator or adjust graphics settings to your liking

  1. Now you can press “Create session” under Your game of choice. (You can also adjust the input delay from the dropdown). The emulator will start the game. All users will be notified in global chat: 

       And your session will be visible on Waiting list, any user can join:

There is no ACCEPT /DECLINE yet !, alpha ;) just don’t be rude please!

You can also join the active session as spectator:


  • Bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Accept/Decline or challenge system (in progress…)
  • Savestate support
  • Moving to a better server 
  • Custom rooms
  • Savestate support
  • Other cool stuff

Credits and special thanks

Without those amazing devs i wouldn’t be able to glue it together:

Happy Easter! Ren