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Wrażenia z T6 – częśc druga

Data: 06.11.2007 |
przez: Di

Kolejny numer Arcadia Magazine i wypowiedzi kolejnych Graczy – tym razem sa to: Mister, Yamada (nie, nie ten nasz ;) ), Ken oraz Ryukei.

Mister: Here it comes, ‘TEKKEN 6′. I mostly used Hwoarang. Because he got more moves going into flamingo and moves from flamingo, looks like he has a lot more stringing options now. I am very happy about this, because stringing was what Hwoarang was about in the first place. And about his air juggles, his combos consisted of smack down combos already, so this new bounce combo addition would be a big plus for him. There are endless thoughts to decide which combo ender should be used, which pick up should be used, and so on.

Yamada: Because of the new bound system, the EWGF pressuring has gotten better, which also means the Mishimas in T6 also has a very high potential of being at the top. Heihachi lost his juggle from twin pistons, so EWGF practice is a must now. Kazuya seems like he’s been buffed up. The pro wrestler King is still the character where numerous styles can be played depending on the player. Fancy pro wrestling “love”! His customizations are awesome as well, I’m so ready to use him.

KEN: New system, new characters, new moves, and as u know already, the brush up system (Is this right? Probably talking about the rage system – tensaikun) a lot of good things we can look into Tekken 6. Also the different move motions and the item moves, I felt the creators being very proud of themselves. I especially enjoyed Raven’s QCF+1. Going right through the opponent on hit, was exactly like ZANZOUKEN (the Dragon Ball move early on where the characters move so fast, it creates an illusion of themselves in space). I’m really excited about Tekken 6’s release!

Ryukei: With the new motions, Law is more a Chinese martial artist then ever before. He’s a in-close fighter, but with additions of new low moves, it is easier for him to keep the pressure going, with an even more powerful offense. His stance moves and powerful throws were good just like before. Bruce, who keeps his offense going with numerous strings, received an improvement. New string enders, new moves, mid/low 50/50 guessing games, and even an option to not end the string. Of course he still has his power moves as well.

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