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Arcana Heart 3 dostępna w PlayStation Network

Data: 20.04.2011 |
przez: Chris

Arcana Heart 3 - logoJak informuje iplaywinner.com od dzisiaj na amerykańskim PlayStation Network dostępna jest do ściągnięcia Arcana Heart 3 za jedyne $29.99.
Dla tych wszystkich, którzy chcieliby bliżej zapoznać się z grą zamieszczam intro z gry w wersji angielskiej oraz listę rzeczy którymi cechuje się tytuł.

Arcana Heart 3 Key Features
· 3 Newcomers To Arcana Heart 3, For A Total Of 23 Fighters!
Enter Weiss, the main character in Arcana Heart 3; Eko, a young girl who can bring her drawings to life; and Scharlachrot, a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows with the power to summon chains from out of nowhere.

· 23 Unique Arcana Types; Create A Fighting Style To Match Your Individual Style Of Play!
Pair your favorite character with one of the 23 available spirits for an incredible range of different fighting styles.

· Deep Single Player Experience!
With an extensive arcade-style story mode, score attack mode, and training mode available, Arcana Heart 3 offers players a myriad of ways to sharpen and polish their fighting skills when not facing off against friends and rivals.

· Introducing “Simple Mode”!
Simple mode is a new control scheme designed with beginning and casual fighting fans in mind. Unleash powerful attacks and extended combos without having to practice complicated input commands!

· Full-Featured Online Multiplayer!
Arcana Heart 3′s online system was developed by Arc System Works, creators of the critically-acclaimed BlazBlue games, a series known for its superior network code. In addition to online lobbies and ranked matches, Arcana Heart 3 also includes a comprehensive ranking system and online replays.

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