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WWE All Stars – lista achievement’ów i trofeów

Data: 09.04.2011 |
przez: Chris

Na stronach serwisu thejoypads.co.uk pojawiła się pełna lista achievement’ów do gry WWE All Stars wraz z krótkim ich opisem, więc jeśli ktoś z Was ma z czymś jeszcze kłopot – nie wahajcie się zaglądnąć do rozwinięcia.

Lista trofeów dla PlayStation 3 dostępna jest pod tym adresem

Online Achievements:

In the spotlight – 15G

Simply just win Xbox live match. Can either be ranked or player match.

Enhancement team – 20G

Win 10 Xbox live matches. You can easily get this if you farm with a friend in a player match whilst also unlocking 10 consecutive wins.

You can’t see me! – 50G

Win 10 matches in a row without losing. Read up above to unlock two achievements in one.

Mid Carder – 25G

Win 25 Xbox live matches and the achievement will unlock. Either be ranked or player matches.

Main eventer – 50G

Win 50 Xbox live matches, either be ranked or player matches.

The new face of cyberspace – 20G

Use your created superstar against your friend’s created superstar and win Xbox live match. This achievement can be done in ranked or player match.

Singleplayer Achievements:

Born to fly – 20G

Perform 10 successful aerial moves (top turnbuckle moves). You can use any wrestler to get this achievement but its a lot easier if you pick acrobat such as; Rey Mysterio, Ricky Steamboat, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Shawn Michaels.

Five moves of doom – 20G

Simply execute 5 signature moves within a match.

Dominating – 20G

This achievement requires you to beat the CPU without losing any health at all. Its best if you lower the difficulty down to easy and use extreme rules match to ease things for you. Block when you know full well they are going to start throwing punches at you and make your reversals count!

Running wild – 50G

Throughout the course of the game just perform 50 finishers and this will unlock.

Layeth the Smackdeth down! – 20G

Win a match under 2 minutes. Again lower difficulty down to easy and pick extreme rules match, keep battering whoever you chosen to wrestle against and you should easily get this achievement.

Punch drunk – 20G

Land 100 strikes in a match and can be done in any game mode. Once entered a match just keep landing punches, kicks at your opponent until it unlocks.

Man of 1000 holds – 25G

To get this achievement do not perform any strikes at all in a single match. Just perform grapple moves and win the match.

Slobberknocker – 25G

This achievement is opposite from the achievement up above. Simply do not perform any grapples within the single match and just use strikes only to win the match.

Make them tremble – 25G

Win 25 matches by KO. Weaken your opponent to flashing red and perform your finisher.

5 star rating – 20G

When you beat the CPU you will come across a screen which shows your rating in three areas; offence, defence and technique. Simply get 5 stars in one of the three to unlock this achievement.

Mark of excellence – 20G

Earn a gold medal when you beat the CPU. To earn this achievement just completely beat your opponent to oblivion and make sure you reverse, and block the opponents moves to get all three categories with high star ratings.

The new generation – 10G

Defeat a legend wrestler and this achievement will unlock.

Showing them how its done – 10G

Defeat a superstar wrestler and this achievement will unlock.

Reversal of fortune – 15G

Perform 5 grapple reversals during a single match. Simply wait the CPU or a friend to grapple you and reverse it 5 times and it will unlock the achievement.

Chain gang – 15G

Pick a brawler category wrestler as I found it easier to do that way, and then simply perform combo of 5 moves in length to unlock this achievement.

The next WWE superstar- 10G

Simply create, a created superstar to unlock this.

Over the top – 15G

Simply win a cage match.

Suck it – 20G

Win a tornado tag match with Triple H & Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels can be unlocked through Fantasy Warfare.

Mega powers – 20G

Win a tornado tag match with Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan. Both wrestlers are playable from the go so just hop in and this is an easy 20G achievement to obtain.

Comeback of the year – 20G

Let the CPU beat your to low health and then retaliate and beat the CPU to win, and the achievement will unlock.

Beating the odds – 15G

Simply win a handicap match and this achievement unlocks with conjunction with a secret achievement, read below.

Totally extreme! – 15G

Win a extreme rules match and this achievement will unlock.

He’s got a chair! – 20G

During a extreme rules match hit the CPU or your friend 10 times with a chair in succession during a single match.

The last man standing – 15G

Win a fatal 4 way elimination match and this will unlock.

The bottom line – 50G

Defeat the entire WWE All Stars roster with your created superstar and this achievement will unlock. If you go through Path Of Champions, you will take on all wrestlers set from one, on which was Ricky Steamboat and the achievement unlocked, but it could be different for people. *Requires all wrestlers unlocked*

The king of kings – 50G

Same with the created superstar achievement up above.
*Requires all wrestlers unlocked*

Story mode achievements:

The ultimate achievement – 50G

Defeat the whole entire WWE roster and clear all three Path Of Champions to unlock this achievement. *Requires all wrestlers unlocked*

The champ is here! – 50G

Clear all three Path Of Champions with John Cena to unlock this achievement.

The apex predator – 20G

Complete the superstar Path Of Champions to unlock this achievement.

Breaking the rules – 20G

Complete the tag team Path Of Champions to unlock this achievement.

Facing the deadman – 20G

Complete deadman Path Of Champions to unlock this achievement.

Old School – 15G

Complete the legend side of Fantasy Warfare to unlock this achievement and in conjunction and unlocking all Legend WWE wrestlers.

Legend killer – 15G

Vice versa to Old School achievement, just keep selecting the superstar wrestlers and win whilst unlocking all WWE superstar wrestlers.

Secret Achievements:

Winner by default – 10G

Win a match due to the opponent being disqualified. Player match required with a friend to easy obtain.

Attitude problem – 10G

Get disqualified three consecutive matches. Singleplayer is the best way to obtain this. Select a singles match and get a weapon from underneath the ring and hit the opponent till you get DQ.

Booyaka Booyaka – 10G

Defeat Andre The Giant & Big Show in handicap match. You can obtain this with friends in a player match or try it the hard way and have fun against the CPU. If you beat these two huge giants you will also unlock win a handicap match achievement as well.

I’m your papi! – 10G

Defeat Rey Mysterio as Eddie Guerrero in a steel cage match. You unlock Eddie Guerrero in Fantasy Warfare.

The pride of Scotland – 10G

Win a tornado tag match Roddy Piper and Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre can be unlocked through Fantasy Warfare.

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